CBRA AGM Minutes 2022

Cumberland Beach & District Ratepayers Association
Annual General Membership Meeting
Tuesday April 19, 2022

Welcome and Opening comments by Larry Farr.

Welcome, a brief history of CBRA and the new Ontario legislation for Not for Profit organizations. Larry followed with an explanation of the election requirements: Currently we have 64 members. Therefore a quorum for the election is 33 votes.
It was agreed to have Pastor Steve count the votes. While Pastor Steve was counting the votes Larry explained bylaws and procedures.

In December letters were sent out to the membership at a cost of approximately $500. We would like to be able to collect more of the members’ email addresses in order to save money on postage.

Our bank balance is $675. Taxes and insurance as current paid up to date. The insurance will be due in September and the taxes will be due in August.

The elections were the main reason for calling the meeting. Pastor Steve announced that all votes were in favour of the slate of candidates on the ballot. There were 24 proxy votes and 16 in person for a total of 40 votes in favour. The board has been elected.
The new board of 5 directors consisting of: Larry Farr, Nancy Epps, Lee Eccleston, Angie McMillin, JoAnn McNaughton introduced themselves to those in attendance.

The meeting became an open session of questions and concerns.

The first concern raised; was that the Green number at the park has gone missing and needs to be replaced for safety concerns.
The second item discuss with garbage pickup for the park. Ron Stevens offered to speak with the township on our behalf.

The next question was regarding the finances to pay the upcoming taxes and insurance. The response was that there will be a membership blitz as well as possible events to raise additional monies.

Ron Stevens thanked everyone for participating and had some kind remarks for the incoming board. He also announced that he would not be standing for re-election this year after 44 years on council. He encouraged everyone to participate more in our community.

The issue noise of snowmobiles in the park was raised. Larry answered that we do not have bylaws that have been approved by the membership. The issue would not be solved at this meeting. The new board has yet to meet to discuss issues.

There was a question of the term of the directors. At this time it is not in the bylaws and the new government regulation will play a part in what the term will be. It will be addressed by the new board.

There was a conversation about park clean up. There were several good ideas presented about involving the community.

Also raised was a concern that only people who had paid their dues would be able to enter the park. Concern that ere were some people in the community could not afford the dues. Others were willing to pay a bit more to cover the dues.

The final item raised was a Community Meeting to educate people.

Leonora Dean moved to adjourn, seconded by Lee Eccleston.

Approved by the CBRA Board of Directors on June 9, 2022

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