park history

In the late thirties, all the property known as Cumberland Beach was owned by a Mr. Richmond.

The land was divided into lots and roads built. Lake access was provided for 25 years for the land owners.

Most lots were purchased by people who wanted to get away for the summer to a beautiful lake setting. Each property owner paid a yearly fee to have the roads kept in reasonable order. A fee was also paid to an individual who collected the garbage.

Over the years, an Association was formed by the land owners, and activities were held in what is now the local Mini Mart.

After the 25 years of lake access was over, Mr. Richmond put the lot up for sale. The Association considered purchasing the property but the price was too high. Fortunately, however, the Foster family purchased the property and offered to sell a small tract of land to the Cumberland Beach Ratepayers Association to be used as a private beach park.

The owners met to decide how to raise the money to purchase the land one day in 1965. Owners purchased shares in order to make up the cost of $2000. Although considerably smaller, the Cumberland Beach Ratepayers Association had their park back.

CBRA formed by Charter

The Cumberland Beach Ratepayers Association was formed by a Charter, dated 15th May, 1958. The purpose was:

  1. To advance the interests of the Cumberland Beach & District Community in the said Township of Orillia and vicinity.
  2. To promote the interests of persons owning property in said Cumberland Beach and District and Vicinity and to advance plans for the advantage of the Cumberland Beach and District Community and vicinity.

And it is hereby ordained and declared that the Corporation shall be carried on without the purpose of gain for its members and any profits or other accretions to the Corporation shall be used in promoting its objects.

thank you for supporting our priceless waterfront!

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